What do I need to bring
Agility is an active sport, so please wear suitable clothing. Trainers or a shoe with a flat sole and good grip are suggested.

Please ensure your dog wears a collar and is on a lead when not training or waiting for your turn in training. No ID tags should be on the collar unless they form an integral part of the collar and are not joined by a ring.  No choke chains should be worn while a dog is training. The lead should not be a flexi lead.

Please bring treats or a toy to reward your dog.

Do avoid toys that squeak as these can be distracting to other dogs.

Toilet Training!

We are very lucky to be able to train at the venues that we do and it is most important that we always clear up after ourselves and our dogs.  It is therefore vital that you keep a good supply of poo bags on you at all times and use them whenever necessary!
Also on the toilet front please try to avoid letting your dog lift his/her leg on the equipment as it is very distracting to the other dogs as they run past the offending scent!

If you have any questions or queries with anything to do with the Club or Agility in general please feel free to speak to our training officer 'Sally Rees' on Tel: 769661,  anybody on the Committee or send us an email